Actual Transparent Window Full Version Free Download

Actual Transparent Window Full Version Free Download

Actual Transparent Window Full Version Free Download – The actual transparent window comes with an impressive set of features.The actual transparent window is a tool for improving the desktop, which makes transparency transparencies open by using a dedicated button on the title bar or using a keyboard shortcut.

The main features include:

Individual Transparency Rate: You can set an individual transparency rate for each window, from 0% to 100%.

Alternate Transparency Opaque Window State: To toggle a transparency window to opaque and reverse, double-click the title bar. Not only that, but it can also increase your productivity and improve your workflow. Transparent Make Button: The Make Transparent  button can be added to the title bar of a window.

The actual transparent window supports multiple languages ​​and is available in English, G. Now, you can activate / deactivate half transparency simply by pressing it. It has an easy to use interface, which is aimed at both experienced and experienced users.
Ghost mode: All mouse clicks and movements cross the transparent window to the underlying windows.

The actual transparent window is a very easy to use application that will bring visually satisfactory transparent window effects to the standard Microsoft Windows operating system. You can even configure the application to automatically change the transparency of the windows. You can set any level of transparency you want for any window you choose.
Apply the transparency effect when the window is moved or resized: Apply the transparency effect only when you move / drag or resize the window on the desktop has doubtlessly conveyed its commitment and feeling of obligation in regards to giving guaranteed and clean programming to our guests since as a bit of that dedication we picked at a fortunate time. In this way, Actual Transparent Window Full Version Free Download s thoroughly free from disease, malware, adware, et cetera. Try not to delay to download this item from our site.

Actual Transparent Window Full Version Free Download details and Download Link

Software Technical and Information
Software Name : Actual Transparent Window 8.10
Date Added : 2017.08.18
Category : System Tuning and Utilities
Language : English
Lisence : Freeware, Full Version
Requirements : Windows All Versions, Mac
Actual Transparent Window 8.10
Freeware, Full Version – 2017.08.18

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